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You can contact us 7 days a week with your questions and orders.
Your e-mail will be answered:
-- immediately when we are online.
-- at last on the same day before 24.00 hours.

   Send your reaction and order:
   1.  to:   stapeliaparadise  at
   2.  with the form below.
  We speak Dutch, English, German, and can understand French.

  Costs of transport / shipment
  The buyer has to pay for the costs of shipment.
  Most orders will be sent registered and insured.
  See "ORDERING INFO" for the shipment costs.

  Legal purchase
  Your order is for us a legal purchase when you actually paid the invoice.
  So sending an order to us does not force you to anything.

  Return policy
  You can return the ordered and deliverd goods within 7 working days on your costs.
  After which we will pay back all the costs of the goods and the shipment cost for shipment to you.

  Conditions of Sale
  Before ordering you have to read our "Conditions of sale", and agree with it.

  1. Discount of 5% when ordering for 200 Euro's or more on goods and Stapeliads (incl. books).
  2. With each Stapeliad you wil get a special complete fertilizer (10 grams), and a white label.

  All our websites
  1.  (2011)  - Dutch website about Stapeliads.
  2.  (2010) - Dutch website with >500 books about Cacti and Succulents.
  3.  (2010) - Dutch website with Mescaline Cacti (= hallucinogenic Cacti).
  5.  (2012)  - This English website about Stapeliads.

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